Can You Do Charity Work from Home?

Treatment prompts mums to hold charity ball | Stratford ObserverFor the past few months I have been only partially employed. Some weeks we work 10 hours a day for three days a week. Other weeks we might actually work a full week or we might work even less. This leaves me with a lot of time on my hand and I am incredibly bored. I am looking for Charity jobs that I can do in the four days and I would love it if I could work from home on some of them. I have been doing stuff for the church, like fixing leaky toilets and helping the secretary out. I have patched the roof where it leaked and planted all sorts of bushes and shrubs on the property. There really is not much else that can be done unless the church finds some money to buy paint that we do no really need.

At the house I have already painted my storage buildings, cleaned the gutters and replaced the hardware on my exterior doors. I would do all sorts of work at the house, but that requires too much expense and we have to save our money because there is a very good chance that I am eventually unemployed. My real hope is to do enough charity work that I can write off a huge chunk of what Beth Anne and I owe in taxes. She keeps track of all the work I do for the Church, but we do not really write that off because it is a bit complicated. The church writes me a check and then I donate it back to the church. If I have expenses they give me the money to pay me back or I use the church credit card. It really does not seem worthwhile to try to make that a significant tax write off.

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